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CASH 💵 14G $90 👉 OZ $180

🔥 Indica Hybrid / THC 32%

🔥 After work / Evening strain

🔥 Effects: Euphoria, Focus, Hungry, Relaxing and Uplifting

🔥 Helps With: Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Migraines and Stress

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CASH 💵 14G $90 👉 OZ $180

Guava Berry an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Afghani X Chemdog strains. Named for its amazing flavor, Guava Berry packs a mouthwatering taste that will leave you dreaming of your next satisfying indulgence. The taste of Guava Berry is exactly what you’d expect with its name, combining fresh tropical guava fruits and berries with sour citrus and spicy kush. The aroma is very much the same, with a spicy kush overtone accented by juicy guava and sweet berries. The Guava Berry high will hit you very quickly following your first exhale, launching your mind into an immediate state of lifted euphoria. You’ll also feel focused and clear-headed at this point, although this effect will soon begin to fade away, replaced with a trippy headiness. A sharp pang of hunger wraps things up, so make sure to have some snacks on hand! Combined with its high THC level, these effects make Guava Berry a great option for treating chronic pain, chronic stress, headaches or migraines, depression and mood swings.

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Use up to 1250 - 10000 points to purchase this product! Restrictions apply