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Nighttime Strain 😎
Effects:  Body High, Couch locked, Hungry, Happy and Relaxed

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A tasty and hard punching marijuana strain, this indica possesses a skull crushing and nauseatingly high potency, Grimace OG can be a nightmare for first-time smokers, turning them green for a minute or two. Its first draw will jet-start a journey to cloud nine eradicating all worries, pains and dark memories. This dark green plant with attractive orange hair and crystals has a sour and sweet blended taste and dense grape-like aroma. This wonderful alternative to pain relieving pills has very few leaves and is grown both indoors and outdoors. Its muscle-relaxing aroma therapy gives an immediate buzz which lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Grimace OG is a fast action enemy of insomnia, back sprain, lower back pain, Fibrositis, cluster headaches, and muscle pain. Even a soft squeeze to its dense nugs leaves you high with delightfully sticky fingers and heavenly ecstasy of grape garden. This top shelf mood elevator makes for the ideal movie night companion with its sleep driving effects.

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