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Typical Effects: Happy, Hungry, Relaxed 
Common Usage: A loss of appetite, Depressed, Migraines
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Dolato is a mysterious Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain’s original grower remains a mystery to the cannabis community to this day, even though its genetics are not a mystery. We know that in order to get a Dolato plant, growers must first cross Gelato #41 with a Northern California cut of Do-Si-Dos. Dolato is one of those indica hybrids that allows for quality comfort and relaxation without the overbearing weight of heavy sedation and sleepiness. Dolato boasts a THC concentration that varies quite a bit, but you should expect a batch of this strain to land somewhere around 25% for THC. Dolato is absolutely an afternoon or evening strain, as its effects are perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work with a nice meal and reruns of The Trailer Park Boys.

Dolato is the result of crossing two incredibly popular and flavorful strains of cannabis. As you would expect, it inherits a lot of these positive traits from both of its parent strains while also mutating a bit to earn its own reputation. In markets where it is available, Dolato has become incredibly popular due to its enticing aroma and intense bag appeal.

As previously mentioned, Dolato is one of the strains that your budtender will recommend for a lazy afternoon smoke or as a tool for unwinding after a stressful day at work. After taking a few puffs of this bud, you should expect your mood to be slowly lifted through the atmosphere into the great unknown. As your mind begins to fill with happy thoughts and a slight haze, your body will fall into a state of deep relaxation that might leave you anchored in place.

This euphoric high will last for quite some time, never degrading into a heavy and sedative experience. You will not only be lucid the entire time you’re stoned, you’ll love every second of it and come back for another session before bed.

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