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Indica Dominant Hybrid
Bubba Kush x Wedding Cake


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Bubba Cake is a great option for those who want to smoke something to relax themselves. This is a balanced hybrid with a moderate THC %.

Despite that though, its effects can be pretty strong so beginners might want to avoid choosing it as their first strain.

Aroma and Taste of Bubba Cake Strain

There are three main terpenes in this marijuana:

  • Myrcene – adding an herbal and a sweet aroma
  • Caryophyllene – adding a bitter coffee taste
  • Limonene – adding sweet notes

The overall aroma and taste, therefore, is a combination of hashish flavors with some sweet notes of coffee coming through. Smokers also report a slight taste of chocolate on the exhale. And to make the smell and flavors more pleasant, there are some flowery notes as well.

Effects and Usage

The most common effect that is experienced when you smoke Bubba Cake buds is calmness. As soon as it gets in your system, it will start to relax all of your muscles to the point where it can feel like you are sedated. Some consumers, however, also report feeling focused and talkative for some time after consuming this weed. Because of its primarily sedating effects, it’s best to have this strain during the late evening or at night.

If you suffer from stress or pains, this cannabis can help users find some relief. It makes the consumers forget about their worries and surrounds their minds with happy thoughts. All in all, this is a good weed to try if you’re looking for some deep relaxation and want to wash away your stresses for some time.

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