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Indica – Nighttime Strain 🌞
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Seattle, Washington is really proving they should be known for more than just rain, coffee, and the grunge scene. With the Beast Mode duos, Beast Mode OG and the follow-up Beast Mode 2.0, Green Umbrella is showing that they are a name to keep an eye on. There is some back and forth as to whether this strain is a cut from Girl Scout Cookies or a phenotype of OG Kush, and though breeders are not dispelling any rumors just yet, it is more likely that this is a baby OG Kush.

Though cute and dainty, don’t let the tiny package these buds come in fool you, as they pack a wallop. These light-green, furry nugs are not ones to take lightly and are definitely recommended for experienced users. The high THC levels give this indica-strain a nice heady buzz that will chill out even the most high strung smoker. The flavors are almost deceiving to the eye as the kushy pine flavor and aromas hardly match the blue hues that are offset by the orange hairs and crystal white trichomes, making this a mind-bending combination.

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