Muha Cart (ORP) Orange Pineapple

Price each:$30 (88.7% THC)

Tangy Explosion

A dominant sativa hybrid strain, Orange Pineapple has mild THC levels that is perfect for new users and immensely popular among all levels of user experience.

Its Valencene terpenes gives it a sweet orange aroma. You’ll also inhale hints of earthy pineapple and pine.

Its effects can be mental clarity and focus that can be perfect for treating social anxiety, stress disorders, and PTSD. 

10 pcs – $25 pc – Total $250

20 pcs – $20 pc – Total $400 

30 pcs – $19 pc – Total $570 

50 pcs – $18 pc – Total $900

Bulk Orders will receive random flavors. 

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