Muha Cart (DSD) DoSiDo

Price each:$30 (81% THC)

Herbal Relaxation

Naturally, you’re now thinking of the square dance, but this offspring of OGKB and Face off OG will have you goin’ round and round with its sweet, flowery funk.

Thanks to linalool terpenes, you’ll get a pungent, sweet, and earthy aroma. Much like the rest of the classic OG aromas, you’ll get a quick buzz that will slowly relax the entire body. 

10 pcs – $25 pc – Total $250

20 pcs – $20 pc – Total $400 

30 pcs – $19 pc – Total $570 

50 pcs – $18 pc – Total $900

Bulk Orders will receive random flavors. 


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