Fire πŸ”₯ Scooby Snacks

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Named after favored treats of the popular anthropomorphic dog detective, Scooby Snacks is a popular indica-leaning strain created by prolific breeders Archive Seed Bank. This hybrid is a cross between Face Off OG and Platinum GSC. It offers smokers a sublime balance of effects before melting into smooth sedation. It also has a dank, flavor and a THC content measured at 26-28%.

Scooby Snacks stands out with medium to large flowers that cling together in tapered, pinecone-like shapes. The buds maintain a dense indica structure with a solid central core composed of small, broad leaves. These leaves themselves are a frosty shade of lime green and are set off in contrast by vibrant orange pistils. Finally, a thick layer of trichomes covers Scooby Snacks’ buds, accounting for their potency and making them very sticky to the touch.

Scooby Snacks has a powerful aroma to match its standout visuals. An initial whiff of the cured flowers may pick up on a rich, earthy scent with distinct notes of pine. A closer inspection might pick up on some toasted, nutty odors as well, possibly passed on from Girl Scout Cookies. Meanwhile, grinding up these flowers yields a sweet tang, similar to black licorice. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Scooby Snacks gives off a smooth and light smoke. On the exhale, this smoke leaves behind a fruity flavor with traces of coffee and cocoa.

THC 26-28%
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