Fresh Vibes Flower Co ⛽ Octane Mint Sherbet

2 g $301/8 oz $55 (4g)5 g $651/4 oz $100 (8g)

Octane Mint Sorbet is another amazingly potent strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

Octane Mint Sorbet is a cross between the two pedigree Indica strains, Sunset Octane & Wedding Cake f1.

Cultivators of this strain do so indoors and outdoors, expecting a yield after around 60 days. Due to the nature of many cultivators, information like average yield and plant height is unavailable. However, we will tell you that this strain rewards cultivators with a stunning purple plant and beautiful buds.

Octane Mint Sorbet buds form very light brown/orange pistils, have a mystical pale green, frosty crystalline colour and texture.

Truly a beautiful bounty of buds. Being mixed between two Indica strains, this stain is a 100% pure. Common users of Indica strains note benefits include increased mental and also muscle relaxation. However, as is the case with many strains bred by Seed Junky Genetics, expect a high concentration of THC. So as always, take it easy.

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