Scroopy Noopers – Last 1.8g for $35


If you’re not already high when you watch the cartoon show Rick and Morty, you might feel as if you are. One of their characters was lucky enough to have a strain named after them, as the team at Green Dream wanted to bring Scroopy Noopers to life. By crossing Stardawg and Girl Scout Cookies, they’ve developed an awesome evenly balanced hybrid.

This bud is not for the faint of heart, as her consistent 27% THC levels will cause you to question the meaning of life more than once. Bud tends to be a bright green with a plethora of chunky crystals, but that’s only half the fun. Scroopy Noopers takes you on a flavor journey that most will fall in love with as coffee and chocolate blend with earth and a bit of a burnt note to make you feel like you’re smoking in a coffee shop somewhere.

Ideal as a mid-afternoon pick me up or the start to an evening full of fun plans, this strain certainly takes you up before bringing you down. Scroopy Noopers infuses all who touch her with a sensation of joy and motivation, often sparking the long lost feelings of creativity that we struggle to find. Get ahead on your task list, make progress on an art project, or even clean the house if you so desire, but don’t let this period of time go to waste. Soon enough, you’ll be physically relaxed and just about ready for bed.

Scroopy Noopers is good at a lot of things, and making you hungry is one of them. Individuals who often experience nausea or find it difficult to muster up an appetite will find this strain to be a godsend, but that’s not all she can do. Bodily pain including symptoms of arthritis as well as migraines, women’s health concerns, and more are soothed just after your happiness meter rockets into outer space. Assuming you time your dose just right and you have a good understanding of your tolerance, this bud could potentially help you with insomnia as well.

Enjoy this strain when you need a little extra boost to finish out your day before sinking lazily into the couch or try her on a weekend when you and your friends are casually hanging out. If nothing else, Scroopy Noopers might make you want to turn on the television and laugh along with a few Rick and Morty episodes.

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